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Hailing from Mobile, Alabama, Simone De is one of the new breed of artist successfully keeping SOUL music alive. Simone De is a convincing singer with a high and soulful tenor voice of which many have described being both powerful and emotional, charged with a gospel-like overtone. You can probably guess that the young Mr. simone served his apprenticeship in church. In fact, he's still in demand as an organist/vocalist on the lucrative gospel circuit and here's why...His style is often pleading and versatile. Simone De is able to captivate an audience throughout all of his performances. The crowds always enjoy Simone and are left wanting more.

Simone De released his debut CD in June of 2005 on Premier Music Entertainment label entitled "I Can't Take It No More." Then, in January of 2006, Simone began to take his music career to at totally different level. His latest music project entitled "Simone De, A Definitive Collection 2006' was produced and recorded by two of the music industry't most renown producers, Mr. Roger Ryan of Aftertouch_Music, Nashville, TN and Mr. Kent Wells, of Gravity Entertainment, Nashville, TN. This album is coupled with the old school flavor and mixed with the new school rhythm and groove. It is what Simone De is all about, bringing tasteful music back to the air waves for listeners who long for music with a meaning. simone De has been compared to great artists such as: O.V. Wright, Joe Simon, Tyrone Davis, and Ted Taylor. His influences include Aretha Franklin, Pattie Labelle, Gladys Knight and Sam Cooke.

Simone De's talent is not limited to music. His capability to mesmerize a crowd with his live performances is one of Simone's strongest gifts. Some music critics have written that upon first impression, Simone De has a meek demeanor, but once he hits the stage, a radical change occurs. Simone De is an educated artist who holds an associate, bachelors, and a master's degree. He has also worked in city government as the assistant public relations person for the mayor and the executive assistant to the city council. Simone De gets his inspiration to write, sing, and perform his music from various sources, mainly from his personal life, meeting and conversing with family, friends, and fans.

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