Fabian, Mary Hits: 1179
Fago, Celia Hits: 1242
Fago, Jim Hits: 1383
Fain, Mark Lee Hits: 1274
Fair, Mark Hits: 1587
Fair, Rick Hits: 1560
Fairfield Four Hits: 1620
Falcons Hits: 1306
Fant, Juell Hits: 1391
Farlow, Billy C. Hits: 1341
Farmer, Dan Hits: 1546
Farnell, Ray Hits: 1286
Farrow, Michael Hits: 1278
Fast Moving Train Hits: 1121
Fatts, Foxxy Hits: 1717
Faulkner, Bill Hits: 1119
Favor, Amico Hits: 972
Feldman, Charlie Hits: 1693
Fell, Terry Hits: 2508
Ferguson, John Hits: 1535
Fiddleworms Hits: 1337
Fields, Johnny Hits: 1690
Fikes, Bettie Mae Hits: 1380
Five In Time Hits: 1076
Flashbacks Hits: 2100
Fletcher, Glen Hits: 1211
Fletcher, Walt Hits: 1057
Flood, Bernard Hits: 1175
Floyd, Eddie Hits: 1503
Floyd, Harold Hits: 1618
Flying Jenny Hits: 1105
Foggy Hollow Hits: 1190
For (4) Him Hits: 1277
Fossett, Vernie O. Hits: 1457
Foster Family String Band Hits: 2251
Foster, Molly Cydney Hits: 1185
Foster, R.C. Hits: 1267
Foster, Sam High C Hits: 1234
Fountain, Clarence Hits: 1446
Founty, James AKA Dan Pickett Hits: 4329
Four Eagles Hits: 1507
Four-Door Ramblers Hits: 1138
Fowler, Bob Hits: 2916
Fowler, Greg Hits: 2646
Fox, Charlie Hits: 1301
Fox, Kacy Hits: 1511
Fox, Larry Hits: 1189
Fox, Markus Hits: 1368
Francis, Billy Hits: 1397
Frank, Joe L. Hits: 1702
Frank, Oscar Hits: 1166
Franklin, Melvin Hits: 1591
Frat Band Hits: 1486
Frazier, Milton AKA Alabama Slim Hits: 1054
Frazier, Sam Jr Hits: 2629
Free, Brian Stacy Hits: 2361
Freehling, Art Hits: 1230
Freeland, Deana Hits: 1164
Freeman, Cal Hits: 1229
Freeman, Cat Hits: 1982
Freeman, Isaac Dickie Hits: 3113
Freeman, Tom Fiddling Hits: 1324
Fritts, Donnie Hits: 1258
Froehlig, Celia Hill Hits: 1635
Frye, George Hits: 1496
Full Moon Ensemble Hits: 1755
Funderburg, Howard Hits: 1280

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