j.Que AKA Patrick Michael Smith Hits: 1408
Jackson, Jay Hits: 1265
Jackson, Judge Hits: 2115
Jackson, Leon Hits: 1369
Jackson, Louvette Hits: 1440
Jackson, Ralph "Soul" Hits: 1054
Jackson, Tommy Hits: 1802
James Brown Gospel Singers Hits: 1193
James, Augusta Hits: 1328
James, Finney Hits: 1185
James, Finney Hits: 1520
James, Frank Hits: 1183
James, Mary Hits: 1250
James, McKinley Hits: 1610
James, Sonny Hits: 1915
Jarnigan, Bill Hits: 1223
Jasper Coal Hits: 1466
Jaxon, Frankie "Half Pint" Hits: 1123
Jaxon, Frankie "Half Pint" Hits: 1593
Jayibee Hits: 1316
Jazz Hits: 1360
Jefferson, Viola Hits: 1379
Jenkins, Gus Hits: 1077
Jenkins, Harry E. Hits: 1365
Jenkins, John "Bobo" Hits: 1335
Jenkins, Nicole Watts Hits: 1731
Jerkins, David (Battlestations) Hits: 1078
Jessie Lee Hits: 1413
Jett, Antha Bel AKA Jett Williams Hits: 2589
Jetter, Claude Rev. Hits: 1384
Joe AKA Joe Thomas Hits: 1407
John Daniel Quartet Hits: 2345
Johnny Clueless Hits: 1166
Johnson Family Hits: 1192
Johnson Sisters Hits: 2185
Johnson, Andrea Hits: 1128
Johnson, Bernay Hits: 1135
Johnson, Birch Hits: 1494
Johnson, Butch Hits: 1584
Johnson, Curtis Hits: 1172
Johnson, Damon Hits: 2592
Johnson, Damon Hits: 1313
Johnson, Daryl Hits: 1480
Johnson, David Hits: 1508
Johnson, Derric Hits: 1823
Johnson, Dexter Hits: 1363
Johnson, Frank Hits: 1993
Johnson, Howard Hits: 1703
Johnson, Hoyt Ray Hits: 1560
Johnson, James Tim Hits: 1105
Johnson, Jay Hits: 1461
Johnson, Jimmy Hits: 1599
Johnson, Larry C. Hits: 1511
Johnson, Mark Hits: 1674
Johnson, Mike Hits: 1340
Johnson, Roland Hits: 1575
Johnson, Rozetta Hits: 1350
Johnson, William Hits: 1219
Johnson-Killen, Doug Hits: 1154
Johnston, Jo Hits: 1382
Joiner, James Hits: 1751
Jones, Alice Hits: 1496
Jones, Clarence Hits: 1484
Jones, Dean Hits: 2318
Jones, Edd Hits: 1989
Jones, Ernest C. "Wimpy" Hits: 1310
Jones, Garry R. Hits: 2543
Jones, George Hits: 1294
Jones, Jimmy Hits: 1269
Jones, Johnathan Jo Hits: 1613
Jones, Johnny Chance Hits: 1466
Jones, Norris "Jonz" Hits: 1098
Jones, Rev. Pastor Shawn M. Sr. Hits: 4912
Jones, Rhubarb Hits: 1827
Jones, Ruth AKA Dinah Washington Hits: 1551
Jones, Steven Dale Hits: 3039
Jordan, Irene Hits: 2095
Jous Hits: 1709
Jubalaires Hits: 2619
Jubileans Hits: 1737
Judkins, Kenneth Hits: 1272
Juice Hits: 1377
Justis, William E. "Bill" Jr. Hits: 1153

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