Dwight "Whitey" Pullen Hits: 532
Page, Richard Hits: 2167
Paige, Allison Hits: 1488
Paige, Lillian Hits: 1065
Palmer, Chris Hits: 1287
Palmi, Madame Rose Hits: 1215
Panepento, Michael Hits: 1177
Panion, Henry Hits: 1166
Parham, Warren Hits: 1083
Paris, Oren A. Hits: 1521
Parker, Ivan Ray Hits: 1695
Parker, Jeriel Hits: 1239
Parker, Larry (Larry and the Loafers) Hits: 2449
Parker, Lee O. Hits: 1260
Parker, Scott Hits: 1035
Parrish, Avery Hits: 1471
Parrish, C. Julian Hits: 1136
Partridge, Sarah Hits: 1250
Patt, Frank Honeyboy Hits: 1348
Patterson, Tubby & Mala Hits: 1287
Payne, A.D. Hits: 1441
Payne, Irvin C. Jr Hits: 1198
Payne, Jody Hits: 1438
Payne, Rufus "Tot" Hits: 1362
Pearce, George Hits: 1173
Pearson, Ken Hits: 1604
Peck, John B. Jack Hits: 1153
Pederson, Mary Holladay Hits: 1838
Peeples, Mark Hits: 1178
Pendergrass, Marlon Hits: 1696
Penn, Dan Hits: 1523
Penny, Herbert Clayton Hank Hits: 1684
Perine, Bonnie Mae Hits: 1099
Perkins, J.T. Hits: 1064
Perkins, Wayne Hits: 2804
Peterson, James Hits: 1055
Pettis, Coleman Alabama Junior Hits: 2963
Pettis, Pierce Hits: 1056
Pfaff, Mark Hits: 1342
PhD'Licious Hits: 1487
Philen, Shane Hits: 1363
Phillips, James Blind Hits: 1183
Phillips, Joel Hits: 1062
Phillips, Jud Hits: 2045
Phillips, Knox Hits: 2114
Phillips, Sam Hits: 1263
Phillips, Sonny Hits: 1186
Phillips, Tony Hits: 1056
Pickering, Craig "Sweet Dog" Hits: 1098
Pickett, Dan Hits: 1496
Pickett, Stephanie Hits: 1078
Pickett, Wilson Hits: 1588
Pierce, Allison Hits: 1513
Pierce, Catherine Hits: 1320
Pierson, Linda Hits: 1041
Pine Hill Haints Hits: 1608
Pirates of the Mississippi Hits: 1887
Pittman, Portia Washington Hits: 1755
Plowman, Linda Hits: 1218
Plump, Larry E. Hits: 1308
Poe, Randy Hits: 1865
Pointer, Sam Hits: 1185
Polivnick, Paul Hits: 1468
Poole, George W. Hits: 1220
Poole, Madelyn Hits: 1132
Poonanny, Joe Hits: 1275
Pope, John A. Hits: 1222
Porch, Katherine Hits: 1278
Porter, James "Jim" Hits: 1788
Porter, James A. King Hits: 1079
Porter, Shane Hits: 1674
Posey, Sandy Hits: 2103
Potts, Dave Hits: 1103
Powell, James Hits: 1117
Powell, Jerry Hits: 1837
Powell, Lacy Jr. Hits: 1460
Powell, Mac Hits: 1560
Powell, Madison "Shine" Hits: 1148
Powers, Mary Norman Hits: 1046
Powers, Terry Hits: 1536
Powers-Barlett, Angie Hits: 1045
Prater, Matt Hits: 1145
Premiers Hits: 1686
Premiers (The) Hits: 1689
Preston, Brian Hits: 1310
Prestwood, Hugh Hits: 1541
Price, Denise Davis Hits: 2415
Price, Grailor Hits: 1064
Price, Topper Hits: 2987
Price, William Hits: 1223
Pride, Devere Hits: 1008
Primes Hits: 1167
Printz, George Van Meter Hits: 1037
Pritchard, Leah Hits: 1245
Pritchett, Travis Hits: 2073
Pruett, Jeanne Hits: 1985
Pruett, Sammy Hits: 2757
Pruitt, Carl B. Hits: 1254
Pruitt, Jack Hits: 2788
Pugh, Henry Hits: 2796
Pugh, Sollie J. Hits: 1214
Pumphrey, Phyillis Hits: 1093
Putman, Curly Hits: 2087
Putnam, Norbert Hits: 2543
Pyle, Mark Hits: 2492
Pyle, Mike Hits: 2406

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