Title Hits
Radio Tokyo Hits: 1271
Ragsdale, Juel Hits: 1226
Raines, Leon Hits: 1795
Rainey, Willie Guy Hits: 1400
Rainy, Leon Hits: 1204
Ramblers (The) Hits: 2565
Ramey, India Hits: 1203
Ramsey, Willis Alan Hits: 1722
Randolph, H.L. Raleigh Hits: 1108
Randolph, James Jimmy Hits: 1121
Ranelli, Sam C. Hits: 1314
Raney, Joel Hits: 1919
Range, Bob Hits: 1232
Rankin, Nell Hits: 2194
Rankin, Sylvester Hits: 1186
Ravizee Singers Hits: 1195
Ray, Daniel Hits: 1093
Ray, Jenny Hits: 1320
Raybon, Marty Hits: 1485
Reach, Ray Hits: 3231
Reagan, Billy Rip Hits: 3513
Reagan, Royce Hits: 1078
Realyst Hits: 1172
Red Field (The) Hits: 1444
Red Halo Hits: 1273
Red Mountain Music Hits: 1092
Red Mountain String Band AKA Red Mountain White Trash Hits: 1374
Red, White & Blue (Grass) Hits: 2146
Redd, Jerry Hits: 1566
Redeemed Music Group Hits: 1302
Reed, Brenda BJ Corder Hits: 1261
Reed, Jimmy Little Hits: 1359
Reed, John C. Hits: 1089
Reed, Randy Hits: 1133
Reed, Rick Hits: 1277
Reed, Slaughter B. Hits: 1139
Reed, Tim AKA Reverend Fred Lane Hits: 1502
Reese, Carlton Hits: 1758
Reese, Hampton Hits: 2657
Reese, Vernon Toby Hits: 1625
Reeves, Chuck Hits: 1229
Reeves, Hershey Hits: 1259
Reeves, Martha Hits: 1191
Refuse The Fall Hits: 1324
Regents Hits: 1231
Reid, Author Hits: 1679
Reminders Hits: 1237
Remy Zero Hits: 1619
Renewed Hits: 1242
Rennas (The) Hits: 1110
Reno, Jimmy Hits: 1123
Reno, John Hits: 1237
Reynolds, Dave (Crazy Teens) Hits: 1637
Reynolds, Evelyn Culverhouse Hits: 973
Reynolds, Isham Emmanuel Hits: 1182
Reynolds, Lawrence Hits: 1049
Ribbon Of Blue Hits: 1091
Rice, Aubrey Hits: 1056
Rice, D.C. Rev. Hits: 1133
Rice, Kathy Yolanda Hits: 1228
Richards, Jimmy Hits: 1146
Richards, Marece AKA Rich Boy Hits: 983
Richards, Sue Hits: 1129
Richards, Sue Hits: 2050
Richardson, Cindy Hits: 1173
Richardson, Johnnie Hits: 1180
Richardson, Woody Hits: 1415
Richie, Lionel Hits: 2308
Rickard, Gene "Bill" Hits: 1120
Riptide Steel Drum Band Hits: 1436
Risher, Thomas D. Jr Hits: 1056
Rivers, Justin Hits: 1247
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise Hits: 1048
Robertson, Mae Hits: 1104
Robinson, Roscoe Hits: 2177
Rockin’ Rebellions (The) Hits: 2945
Rodgers, Jimmie Hits: 1897
Rodman, Judy Hits: 1479
Rogers, Scott Hits: 2004
Roland, Walter Hits: 1226
Rollin' In The Hay Hits: 1127
Rorex, Ricky Hits: 1273
Rose, Charles Hits: 2443
Rosenbaum, Gerald Hits: 1242
Ross, Lewis Hits: 2241
Ross, Mark Hits: 1210
Rosser, Tolton C. Hits: 1099
Roubion, Rebecca Hits: 1042
Roughton, Brian Hits: 1065
Rowan, Rusty Hits: 1275
Rowell, Ernie Hits: 1534
Rudd, Joe Hits: 1356
Ruff, Willie Hits: 1300
Ruffino, Tony Hits: 1554
Rumore, Angelo "Duke" Hits: 2108
Rumore, Joe Hits: 1617
Rushing, Rick Hits: 1065
Russell, Jenny Hits: 1130
Russell, Lucy Hallman Hits: 1754
Russell, Maxwell Hits: 1063
Rutherford, Bruce Alan Hits: 1825
Rutledge, Jim Hits: 1384
Rymer, Robert N. Hits: 1266

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