2blu and the lucky stiffs

Members: Bruce Andrews - Harmonica and Lead Vocals, Dave Gowens - Percussion, James Dudley - Drums, George Dudley - Guitar and Vocals, Jack Dudley - Bass and Vocals

2BLU and The Lucky Stiffs have been providing fans with their premium blend of blues, rock, funk, and gospel for years. Whether they are putting their original twists on Delta Blues when performing in an unplugged acoustic duo or trio, or bringing the funk in their electrified four- or five-piece configuration, 2BLU And The Lucky Stiffs create their own unique brew to rock your bones and soothe your soul. The genesis of the band was the acoustic duo of Bruce Andrews and George Dudley, who adopted the name “2BLU”. With the addition of drums, bass, and percussion, the boys become “2BLU and The Lucky Stiffs”. Why the name? The guys are “Lucky” to share a mix of music, faith, and life experience with anyone who will listen. On top of that, they're a bunch of “Stiffs,” old, old dudes who can’t quit playing and wouldn't dream of quitting in the first place. 2BLU's lyrical approach frequently reflects the band's Christian faith, usually in a non-traditional format, mixing secular and Faith themes in their tunes; exactly as life mixes the everyday grind with the divine. This combination represents the roots of the Blues. Diverse instrumentation includes custom hand-built lap steel guitars, bass guitars and hand percussion by bassist Jack Dudley of Don’t Fret Instruments.

Website http://www.2blumusic.com/index.html

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/2Blu-And-The-Lucky-Stiffs/236459407388

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O94IcFaD32Y&feature=related

More info:

Discography: http://www.2blumusic.com/discography.html

Press: http://www.2blumusic.com/theNews.html


2BLU and the Lucky Stiffs: Goin

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