Title Hits
Wachter, Tony Hits: 1040
Wade, Glen Hits: 1024
Wagnon Sisters Hits: 1300
Walbert, James D. Hits: 1275
Walden, Grant Hits: 1233
Waldrep, Gary Hits: 1176
Waldroup, Jason Hits: 968
Walker, Bradley Hits: 1526
Walker, Cindy Hits: 982
Walker, David Hits: 978
Walker, Debra Hits: 1022
Walker, Shawn Hits: 950
Walker, Wiley Hits: 1178
Wallace, Billy Hits: 1099
Wallace, Evelyn Jenkins Hits: 1073
Wallace, Jerry L. Hits: 1171
Wallace, Lisa Taylor Hits: 2071
Walter Newman & John Hall Hits: 940
Walters, Lizanne Hits: 958
Walton, Greely Hits: 973
Walton, Wilbur Jr. Hits: 1764
Wamble, Luther Hits: 1274
Wammack, Travis Hits: 1265
Wammack, Travis Jr. AKA Monkey or Monkee Hits: 1404
Warner, Frank Hits: 1063
Warren, J.W. Hits: 3230
Warren, Mervyn Hits: 2055
Warwick, William Carl "Bama" Hits: 1308
Washboard Willie aka William Paden Hensley Hits: 1182
Washington, Dinah Hits: 1161
Washington, Laura Hits: 1222
Wasted Mason Hits: 1164
Waters, Freddie Hits: 975
Watkins, Allen Hits: 1405
Watson, Anthony Hits: 1084
Watson, Dale Hits: 1314
Watson, Johnny AKA Daddy Stovepipe Hits: 1411
Watson, Loyd Jr. Hits: 1045
Watson, Ona Hits: 1431
Watson, Tim Hits: 1042
Watters, Bessie Atley Hits: 1075
Watters, Harry and Ken Hits: 1146
Wayfarers (The) Hits: 1007
Weaver, Bob Hits: 1139
Weaver, Jerry Hits: 1070
Weaver, Phil Hits: 1089
Weejuns Hits: 1097
Weeks, Terry Hits: 1772
Welch, G. Truman Hits: 1132
Wells, Jolly Little Whitt Hits: 1263
Welsh, Stan Hits: 838
Wendell Franks & Shane Blalock Acoustic Duo Hits: 1114
Wesley, Fred Hits: 1085
West, Charlie Hits: 1313
West, Robert Hits: 986
Westbrook, Jimi Hits: 1457
Wet Willie Hits: 1322
Wexler, Jerry Hits: 1239
Wexler, Jerry Hits: 1542
Whatley, Edward Hits: 1026
Whatley, John T. Fess Hits: 1827
Wheaton, Karen Hits: 1141
Wheeler, Bryan Hits: 1052
Whinery, Michael Hits: 988
Whitaker, Peggy Hits: 919
Whitcomb, Dale Hits: 1116
White Dawg Hits: 1108
White Family Hits: 1214
White, Alex Hits: 1038
White, Andrew Broadus Hits: 902
White, Debbie Hits: 1225
White, Deborah Jo AKA Jo Jo Billingsley Hits: 1488
White, Jack AKA Jacky Jack White Hits: 1197
White, Kristy Hits: 991
White, Lynn Hits: 1107
White, Perry Hits: 1188
White, Phillip Hits: 1396
Whited, Ralph Hits: 945
Whitefield, Clarence Hits: 910
Whitley, Ray Hits: 1170
Whitlock, Bobby Hits: 1287
Whitt, Eugene Horton Hits: 1007
Wigginton, Hershel AKA Hurshel Wiginton Hits: 2763
Wilbourn, Bill Hits: 1146
Wilburn, Aaron Hits: 1428
Wilburn, Jonathan and Jordan Hits: 1170
Wilcox Exit Hits: 947
Will and the Bushmen Hits: 1003
Williams, Audrey Hits: 1335
Williams, Carla Hits: 1143
Williams, Charles "Chas" Hits: 987
Williams, Charles Cootie Hits: 1018
Williams, Curly Hits: 1032
Williams, Davey Hits: 1227
Williams, Dewey P. Hits: 1428
Williams, E.W. Hits: 909
Williams, Elbert Skippy Hits: 1033
Williams, Ernest Pinky Hits: 1086
Williams, Hank Jr. Hits: 1478
Williams, Hiram King Hank Hits: 1401
Williams, Iva Hits: 1122
Williams, Ivory Pops Hits: 903
Williams, Jabo Hits: 967
Williams, Jett Hits: 1266
Williams, Johnny Hits: 1165
Williams, Johnny Lee Hits: 1174
Williams, Joseph "Jody" Leon AKA Little Papa Joe Hits: 1456
Williams, Linda Hits: 1110
Williams, Melody Hits: 1042
Williams, Nelson "Cadillac" Hits: 1048
Williams, Paul Hits: 1326
Williams, Ralph Hits: 971
Williams, Rufus Hits: 993
Williams, Sabrina Hits: 1078
Willis, Aaron "Little Sonny" Hits: 1453
Willis, John D. Hits: 1148
Willis, Ralph "Bama" Hits: 1771
Willis, Rob Hits: 1030
Willoughby, John Ed Hits: 1345
Wilson, Doobie "Doghouse" Hits: 1135
Wilson, Krystye Hits: 1025
Wilson, Ola Belle Brown Hits: 978
Wilson, Perry Hits: 1120
Wilson, Ransom Hits: 1034
Wilson, Shane Hits: 1469
Wilson, Teddy Hits: 1159
Wilson, Tony Lewis Hits: 919
Wilson, Wilbur W. Hits: 921
Windham, Greg Hits: 1198
Winston, Shirley Hits: 1021
Winter, George Hits: 1058
Wiregrass Sacred Harp Singers Hits: 1192
Witcher Hits: 1026
Wohlford, Eddie Hits: 1279
Wolf, Peter Hits: 1371
Wolfe, Tom Hits: 1513
Wood, Mitchell Booty Hits: 1191
Woodard, Jerry Hits: 1376
Woodard, Lee Wayne AKA Lee Wayne Hits: 871
Woodford, Terry Hits: 1395
Woodson III, Coleman Hits: 1179
Woodson, Ali-Ollie Hits: 1821
Woodward, Samuel Hits: 1366
Wooldridge, Milton Hits: 3092
Wooten, Kelvin Hits: 1524
Wooten, Willard L. Hits: 916
Worsham, Keith Hits: 1059
Worth, Marion Hits: 1234
Wray, Bob Hits: 1378
Wright, Andrew Hits: 1210
Wyker, John Hits: 1567
Wynette, Tammy Hits: 1507
Wynter, Sharon AKA Sharon Browning Hits: 863

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